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Grounded in her faith, propelled by a desire to entertain and recognized for her crisp and fervent voice, Bobbi Castor is more than just a blue-eyed beauty from rural America.

Behind the smile is a personality equally as powerful as her compelling voice. Fierce, driven and always faithful to her standards, Bobbi continues to bring inspiration to young girls everywhere. Giving her fans a taste of the self-proclaimed Okla-homie, she’s carefree to the core as seen in her posts on YouTube and Instagram.  Bobbi Kay, as she is endearingly called by those who know her best, couples a “carpe the heck out of each diem” with a sincere modesty of self-love and respect; which can only be attributed to her western Oklahoma upbringing.  Steadied by a strong foundation of maturity, Bobbi’s youthfulness is heard throughout all of her musical expressions. This beautiful combination allows a crossover to many genres, appealing to all the music aficionados out there.

Like her sound, Bobbi won’t be labeled. She’s not just a “pop princess” or a “soulful diva” or the next “country queen” – she fuses the inspirations of Taylor Swift, Etta James and Kacey Musgraves to create a sound specific to her but favorable to many. Bobbi has had a lifetime of inspiration to draw from, and she gives the glory for all of her talents to God and her family. Growing up in a musical family, it wasn’t uncommon for an impromptu “jam session” to start on any given day. These moments allowed Bobbi to express herself at a very young age, writing her first song “Every Step” at the ripe old age of seven. Her spirited renditions of her favorite songs were always worth the watch, as many can attest. 


She has been no stranger to the stage, recently showcasing her skills for the NBA in support of her Oklahoma City Thunder. However,  she still treasures those early days of debut performances at local festivals, church, and the occasional backyard BBQ.  Her calling has only been strengthened by her mentors and “partners in musical crime”, older brothers Chris and Daniel. The invaluable sharing of their expertise alongside an array of experiences and constructive supporters, she was able to hone in on her skills and develop the sound she is so known for today. 


Her strong family connection has continued throughout her career as she claims her favorite performances are when her brother, Chris, is playing beside her. Their connection is undeniable as the musical nuances created from a lifetime of creating music together spring from every chord and lyric. Performing IS her favorite pastime, the intimate expression of sharing her experiences with others and giving them a musical outlet to embrace their experience is the food to her soul. Whether it is opening for the likes of Asleep at the Wheel or close-knit performance for Duck Dynasty Celebrities, Phil and Kay Robertson, Bobbi commits to her audience and delivers an unforgettable show each and every time.  

Her passion for music remains unbridled – but she does allow herself some restraint in order to focus on her songwriting. Being able to “journal” her life (the good, bad and ugly) has always been an integral part of her healthiness as an artist and more importantly as a person. With a relentless love for the underdog or those less fortunate, Bobbi’s empathetic prowess and compassion for others motivate her to produce music that is good for the heart.

A bold, raw talent with an uncanny sense of humor. Innocent quirkiness fashioned with a resilient and ferocious appetite for adventure, Bobbi Holliday is ready for the here and now.  The question is - are you ready for Bobbi Holliday?